The Tall Exchange Community

The Tall Exchange team works extra hard to build a community based on trust and respect. We think this makes our community special and hopefully you think so too! Please help us continue this tradition by following the guidelines below:

Be Friendly and Kind

The Tall Exchange is a friendly community where everyone should feel safe and comfortable. We ask our users to be respectful in their interactions with others so that we can maintain a healthy and happy environment for everyone to enjoy. We are all individuals with our own thoughts and opinions – and we get that. We expect for everyone to be respectful of that as well.
Spam and excessive self-promotion are never received well by others, so please refrain from partaking in such behavior.

What The Tall Exchange is for

Fashion and Accessories

The Tall Exchange is a place for Tall women’s and men’s fashion, accessories, and shoes. Pre-owned clothing and accessories can be listed on The Tall Exchange if they are clean and in good condition. 

Creating Your Own Listing

Creating a listing is quick and easy. That’s why we encourage you to take those extra steps to showcase your style and get creative with your Covershot. The item should be clearly represented in the main photo. Try to avoid any post editing techniques that take away from highlighting the item such as collages or heavy special effects. We also ask that you do not use any photos in your listing that you did not take or get the permission to use.

Successful Transactions

If you list an item for sale and in stock, you must complete the sale. This means, once the buyer has hit the “Buy Now” button and successfully submitted their payment and shipping information, you are expected to send the item they purchased. 

Being a Trustworthy Seller

One of the best things about The Tall Exchange is that becoming a seller is completely free. When creating a listing, please be honest in describing your item and disclose as much information as possible. Take care to be thorough and accurate about details such as the condition, fit, and original price and include photos that demonstrate condition when necessary. This way, buyers know exactly what it is that they are getting and the risk of a dispute is decreased.

Fast Shipping

As a seller, you must ship the purchased item to your buyer within 2 days / 48 hours of purchase. 

Being a Good Buyer

Great sellers always deserve quick payment. Therefore, as a buyer, you must confirm that you’ve received and reviewed your purchase within 2 days after delivery. If you do not do so within 2 days, the order will be accepted on your behalf automatically and the funds will be released to the seller. Please note there is are no refunds on your purchase.

Thorough Communication

We strongly encourage that buyers and sellers thoroughly communicate before, during, and after each transaction. As a buyer, if you have questions about quality, condition, or fit that are not addressed in the listing, it’s best to ask before purchasing the item so you know what you’ll be receiving. Please consider this is crucial, as we do not allow returns or refunds. All items are final sale. As a seller, answering questions on your listings can lead to your next sale. It’s also courteous to keep your buyer informed regarding the shipping status.

Listing and Photo Permissions

Make sure that you have the rights to sell any items you list on The Tall Exchange. Don’t list anything that does not belong to you or that may violate any state or federal laws. Do not upload any images that you didn’t take, that are of other people without their permission, or that you do not have the rights to use.

Safety and Privacy

Do not post anything on The Tall Exchange that creates a privacy or security risk for anyone. This includes screenshots of private communications or personal information. Do not attempt to collect or give out personal information.

The Tall Exchange Brand Respect

The Tall Exchange name and logos are trademarked and may only be used with prior written permission.

WHAT The Tall Exchange IS NOT FOR

Non-Fashion and Accessories Items

Don’t buy or sell any goods or services through The Tall Exchange other than women’s and men’s fashion and accessories items. These listings clutter the marketplace and make shopping for fashion more difficult and less enjoyable for others.


Not only is the sale of counterfeits and unauthorized replicas of branded products prohibited on The Tall Exchange, but it is also illegal. If the product you are listing bears the brand or logo of a company or designer, but it wasn’t made or authorized by that company or designer, this item is not permitted. If you cannot verify the authenticity of an item, please do not list it on The Tall Exchange. Additionally, using a company’s name or trademark in a way that may confuse buyers about the item’s origins, or confuses buyers into believing that you or the item is affiliated with, sponsored by, or endorsed by the trademark owner is both illegal and a violation of our policies. Members who buy or list replicas or fakes risk immediate and permanent suspension from The Tall Exchange.

Used Underwear

For health and hygiene reasons, used underwear cannot be sold on The Tall Exchange. However, if this type of garment is brand new with tags attached, it may be sold on The Tall Exchange.

Taking Transactions or Conversation Off The Tall Exchange Platform

Taking any part of a transaction, including discussion about details or negotiations, off The Tall Exchange platform is a violation of our rules. This sort of activity hurts everyone–both you and The Tall Exchange community–by breaking down the sense of trust and integrity we have on The Tall Exchange platform. The Tall Exchange cannot protect transactions or uphold agreements that are not made through our platform. We ask that you do not share your email address, or any other personal information, on our platform and keep all transactions on The Tall Exchange. Any users found to violate this rule risk immediate and permanent suspension from The Tall Exchange.

Bullying and Harassment

We have a zero tolerance policy for content or conversation that is harmful, threatening, abusive, excessively violent, defamatory, libelous, invasive of another’s privacy, or racially/ethnically hateful. Don’t try to get around the block feature or otherwise attempt to communicate with someone who has asked you to stop. We kindly ask that you do not engage users who behave inappropriately. Instead, send us an email about it right away and we would be happy to look further into the matter and take the appropriate actions.

Vulgarity and Obscenity

Keep it clean and do not post anything that is vulgar, pornographic in nature, or otherwise obscene.

Soliciting Donations

Saving up for that designer bag? Raising money for your school? Need extra money for recovery? No matter the cause, all are welcome to sell their women’s fashion and accessories for any reason they choose. However, The Tall Exchange is not the place to ask for or otherwise solicit monetary or physical donations of any kind either through our platform or by advertising a third party site.


At this time, it is against our policies to conduct your own giveaways, contests, or sweepstakes on The Tall Exchange platform.


Our policy does not cover trades within the system. When payment for the full value of items is not exchanged through The Tall Exchange system, we cannot guarantee that both parties will ship their items to each other as promised or as described. Trading is based on an honor system and is difficult for us to support. For this reason, we discourage users from trading on The Tall Exchange so that we can provide users with the protection that they deserve.

Automated Participation

Do not use programs or other forms of automation to participate on The Tall Exchange. This includes, but is not limited to liking, sharing, following, and unfollowing.

Content Mining

Do not use The Tall Exchange to collect personal data. You also may not use any images found on The Tall Exchange for your own purposes unless authorized by The Tall Exchange. The exception to this is your own content.

Multiple Accounts

You may only have one active account on The Tall Exchange unless you receive written permission from The Tall Exchange.


Should we find your account to be in violation of any of the above, we may send you an email or take permanent or temporary action on your account privileges.

If you see any violations, you may let us know by dropping us an email.

Still have questions about what is permitted on The Tall Exchange? We’d love to hear from you. After all, we’re here to help, [email protected]

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