Hello, my name is Isabell or as my friends call me: Isi.

I am 6’2″ tall, 29 years old and live in Raleigh NC. Originally I am from Germany but I moved to the states 6 years ago. 

Last October I started my own tall clothing boutique called “TALL & ISI“. I strongly believe that there cannot be enough stores and platforms serving us tall ladies. That’s why I was super excited to see The Tall Exchange launch. 

On The Tall Exchange I sell items out of my own closet that I’ve either never worn or that don’t fit me anymore. 

Below I am highlighting a few of my favorite items for sale

Maxi Summer Dress:

This dress from Alloy is the perfect summer Maxi Dress. 

I`ve only worn this dress a few times. I`m selling it because I feel like I`m slightly too pale for the color on the top. It has great length. I am 6’2″ and this dress hits the floor on me. In this picture I am wearing it with heels. It is also lined on the inside.

Suit pants:

I have multiple pairs of Suit Pants listed on the store currently. I`ve lost weight in the last year and most of them are now too wide on me. The one pictured here is from Long Tall Sally and is super high quality. I had them in 2 colors: dark grey & black, both are listed on my store.

Striped pants:

These striped pants are from Express (and not specifically marked as tall). I do however think that Culottes look best on long legs. This pair has also become to wide for me. I used to love wearing them to work though. They make a great statement piece and are SUPER comfortable. Stretchy fabric, high waisted, zipper on the side.

PS: Once you browsed through my the tall exchange, feel free to check out Tall & Isi (www.tallandisi.com)



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